Unseen : no seen marks

Read messages in invisible mode without leaving last seen marks



Are you looking for a solution to read messages in invisible mode without leaving last seen marks ? . Then this is the best solution for you.

Unseen makes it possible to read both Whatsapp and Facebook messages anonymously without others knowing about it and it will not be marked as read from others perspective. It parses messages from groups and individual conversations from most known chat apps and show them for you. It also give you the possibility to see photos and videos sent by others.

After launching the app it will ask you to give it permission to access notifications in you device. After granting the permission you can close the app and it will work in the background and listen for new incoming messages. The app will show a notification as soon as a new message arrives, then you can read it without sending the blue double tick that shows that you read the message.

The application provides several options and preferences in Settings section. There you can choose what type of messages to receive and if you wish to receive groups conversations.

1-Read Whatsapp and Facebook messages.
2-Beautiful and simple UI.
3-Invisible mode (No check marks sent).
4-Various receiving options.