Hide Photos and Videos

Hide photos and videos from gallery of your phone



A free tool to Hide photos and videos from gallery of your phone, and protect your secrets files from eyes of others.

Most of us have private images and videos that we don’t want everybody to see, and we want to hide them. To accomplish this task we built this app for hiding both pictures and videos. It creates a special Secret folder to hide them, and keep references to original locations in case you want to move them back later to their original folder.

Launch the app. A list of folders containing your VISIBLE videos and images will appear. To hide a file just select the folder containing it, that will come up with a new interface where you can select witch ones to hide. You can select many at once, or all of them by pressing select all button. Then press the eye icon to hide them all.

To unhide or restore them back to their original place just go to INVISIBLE section and enter a folder and you can select them and make them visible again in gallery.

1 – Works with photos & videos.
2 – Small size.
3 – Smooth usage and performance.
4 – Gorgeous UI (Material Design).